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Drum Tuition for beginners to advanced level. One-to-one and group lessons offered.

- Drum tuition for beginners to advanced level - One to one and group lessons -

Whether you want to become a professional, study for exams, learn to play a tune, or just release some stress, the tailor made lessons are designed to meet your personal aims.


Drummin’ Time offers a fun and methodical approach to teaching with the emphasis on learning via music - so if you are a beginner you will be playing along to a tune in your first lesson. 

"John's approach is patient, supportive and challenging (at the right level), his instructions are clear and his teaching materials support effective progression. His lessons are great fun!....." 

— G. Thompson

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Drummin' Time

York Rd


SW11 3QA

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Saturday           8am - 6pm






5:30pm - 9:30pm

5:30pm - 9:30pm

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The teaching programme incorporates the following elements:

TIMING & TIMEKEEPING - the most important elements of drumming

TECHNIQUE - how we play the drums (grip, position, moeller, etc)

COORDINATION - the limbs working together 

VOCABULARY - grooves & fills: the language of drumming 

STYLES - the culture and evolution of drumming (Rock, Jazz, Reggae, etc.)

READING - understanding and interpreting the dots

CONCEPTS - Polyrhythms, Odd Times, Phrasing, etc

SONG/REPERTOIRE - the tunes and songs we play

Drummin’ Time is founded and operated by South London based professional drummer John Davies. 

- The Teacher -


John has been playing the drums since 1991. He started to perform and teach professionally in 2004 and has since taught students from ages 4 to 74.

Starting out as a peripatetic tutor for Southern County Music Services, he was then invited to teach at Drumtech Institute (formerly Tech Music School, now BIMM London) which he did for 7 years.


Many of his past students have gone on to become professionals themselves. 


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- Junior Lessons -

Lessons start from the age of 6.

Half hour lessons are recommended up to the age of 8. 

The initial lessons focus on having fun and getting your child comfortable with the instrument, while listening to and playing along to music


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Although I played the drums in my teenage years, I didn't undertake formal lessons. Now, some 20 years on, I picked up the sticks again and started lessons with John in an attempt to address my numerous shortcomings. He accurately assessed my level of competence and has encouraged and developed my playing over the past year. I have really enjoyed the experience as John's approach is patient, supportive and challenging (at the right level), his instructions are clear and his teaching materials support effective progression. His lessons are great fun – especially when we deconstruct a song – and his own talent and knowledge shine through.

- Gordan Thompson

I started with Drummin' Time as a complete beginner at 25 simply out of a desire to try something new. After the first lesson - awkwardly bashing away to some music- I was hooked. The lessons have been a perfect blend of music theory applied to playing songs and having a laugh. It has opened me up to music genres I never thought I would like- especially jazz! - and has left me annoying housemates and commuters alike with incessant tapping and air drumming to songs I'm trying to learn. Fantastic studio, great teacher! I cannot recommend Drummin' Time highly enough! Rock on!"

- Dr. Christopher James

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