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"Fantastic studio, great teacher! I cannot recommend drummin time highly enough! Rock on!" - Dr. C James
My name is John Davies and I'm a professional drummer from London.
I've been playing the drums for over 28 years.
I became pro in 2004 and started my own teaching studio in 2011, which I call Drummin' Time.
I offer one-to-one drum kit lessons for all, ages, levels and abilities.
Lessons are available in South London.
I offer studio lessons and also home visits.

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If you have any questions please feel free to drop me a message or just give me a call.

John Davies performing a jazz fusion track



All ages, levels, and abilities welcome.

"John's knowledge, technique and experience on drums shows through in everything he teaches." M. Keating


If you are completely new to drumming or have only played for a short amount of time, then a beginners lesson is where to start! The first lesson will involve working out what you would like to achieve from the lessons as well as learning basic beats and fills.

Drummer Red

Been playing for a while already? Need to brush up on some skills? Then your first lesson will be an assessment. After identifying where you're at, we will then discuss your strengths and weaknesses and how we will go about achieving your personal goals.

Young Drummer

The initial lessons focus on having fun and getting your child comfortable with the instrument, while listening to and playing along to music. Suggested starting age would be 6 years. Half hour lessons are recommended up to the age of 8.

"John's approach is patient, supportive and challenging (at the right level)" - G. Thompson


**FREE 30min Introductory Lesson**

What you will need:

1) Zoom Application -

2) Good WiFi connection (preferably ethernet cable)

3) Electronic or acoustic drum kit

4) Sound set up in Zoom: 'Suppress Background Noise' must be set to 'low'

5) Camera angle - best position enables me to see your face, hands and drums (see vid at 3:05)

Watch the video for more info.



Want to a have lesson in the comfort of your own home? 

Hourly lessons at normal rate with added travel costs (depending on location).

More info

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Having been a self taught drummer I can honestly say that starting to take lessons with John was one of the best musical decisions I have ever made!!!! Within 6 months of working with John I could already use a far better vocabulary and the guys in the band can confirm this. John is an excellent listener and will make sure you get the best use from your time. He is also one of the nicest guys and makes the whole process fun and enjoyable. He has helped me out with technique, vocabulary, my own music where I've been stuck and the absolute most important thing...... How to practice to make the best use of my time between classes. The lesson plan is well structured according your abilities with a view to achieving your long term goals.
If your thinking of taking lessons I would highly recommend John.

H Soyer



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